Armed Robbery at KEP Easter Show

Nissan Easter FestivalDressageAfrica has just received a report of an armed robbery that took place at KEP this morning.  We are attempting to contact the relevant officials to confirm all the details.  What we have been told  so far is that armed men in a white Golf held up Michelle Dawson at the Bob Charter catering kitchen and escaped with R 10 000.00. Michelle is understandably shaken up, although unharmed. The men in the white Golf were joined by a red Mazda and on leaving KEP shots were fired at a car entering the KEP premises.

Police stopped all horse boxes and vehicles from entering the grounds from Beaulieu side, however no one was stationed from ICB side to prevent the traffic from entering the grounds. There have also been reports of a shootout on Maple road between security and the robbers with a possible additional robbery in Beaulieu, involving the same white Golf. The police helicopter is up and circling the area, we hope they find them soon.

We are thankful to say that no injuries or fatalities have been reported, amongst people or animals.  We hope that the perpetrators are caught and brought to justice.

GHS started some time ago not to keep cash for prize money at shows, instead paying prizes into the rider’s bank accounts. Possibly now catering is going to have to consider accepting cards only in lieu of cash payments, or more secure storage for the cash that they do collect.  At the 2013 Horse of the Year Show in February, the Warmblood Horse Society was robbed of all its sponsorship and prize money the day before their classes started.

What a terrible sign of the times that we have to resort to measures like this at what should be a wonderful time out with the animals and people that we love.

UPDATE: We have found out through official channels that it was not Michelle Dawson but Michelle from catering at KEP who was held up. There were no shots fired on KEP property, only on Maple Road close to the Main Road intersection.

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