Grow Gauteng North Dressage – Motivated and going places – The History

GGND editedCaro Sykes the dynamic Chairlady of Dressage for Gauteng North (GN), took up her reins two years ago and along with her committee decided to make a difference in her region.  The committee is comprised of Caro, two senior committee members and three new junior committee members who were assigned their posts to assist in the organizing and running of clinics and show days for GN.

What is Grow Gauteng North Dressage?

Grow Gauteng North Dressage (GGND) has grown tremendously over the last few years; however their largest numbers are in the lower grades. GGND’s objectives are:

  • To provide development opportunities for talented and dedicated riders who desire to improve their riding ability, to effectively train their horses and to successfully compete up the grades.
  • To produce top dressage riders and to equip them with the tools necessary to excel and progress in the sport.
  • To assist such riders to reach the level required in order to be eligible to compete in inter-regional and GHS teams.

The interest in competitive dressage is growing dramatically and GGND hopes to promote and provide guidance for dedicated dressage riders in the Northern Region.

Who can become a member of GGND?

Any dressage rider or interested person can become a member of GGND.  There is no age restriction and riders of both horses and ponies are welcome.  Where there is true dedication and commitment, the desire deserves to be nurtured and developed!

The clinics will provide a focused programme where they will source different top instructors  best suited for the clinic and their riders, including Jannie Putter as a mental coach (drawing on his experience as a Sport’s Psychologist). Jannie provides the necessary mental focus and coaching to compete in sport on a serious level.

GGND’s original idea was to cater especially for the lower grades, it has however subsequently turned out that they have equal numbers of lower and higher grade riders as well as a para rider competing in normal classes. GGND hosts video show days on a monthly basis and are planning four clinics for 2013.

GGND was only started in early 2012 and in their very first year managed to hold 3 clinics together with various instructors and mind coach Jannie Putter as well as three video shows.

GGND currently has 52 members and they have won the worldwide Dressage Anywhere Team Competition in 2012. Currently they are again the front runners in the 2013 team competition. Teams from all over the world take part in these competitions.

Hats off to this committee for their dedication, forethought and planning. Dressage Africa wishes you every success for the 2013 season.

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By Mandy Schroder

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