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Danzas 6

The James Bond of the Group

Finally last but certainly not least.  The James Bond of the group, urbane, well-travelled and certainly easy on the eye is Bachelor number 6. Danzas is a 16.1hh black Oldenburg […]

Florestan 2

Robert Pattinson meets Taylor Lautner in this hunky individual

A stunning combination of beauty and brawn, Bachelor number 5 is the epitome of good looks and male muscles. Florimon is a gorgeous dark bay stallion Hanoverian stallion who makes […]

Quantico 4

The Ferrari of the group –Powerful sleek and RED with a touch of chrome!

Bachelor number 4 is definitely the Ferrari of this group. Sleek, powerful, a rich red with a touch of chrome, beautiful enough for any connoisseur’s eye. Bachelor number 4 is […]

Sonn 2

The James Dean of the bunch – Young, hot and ready to rumble!

Introducing Bachelor number 3, the James Dean of the bunch, young hot and ready to rumble is Sonnentanzer of Berghof stud. Sonnentanzer is a great example of the modern dressage […]


Distinguished, Suave and Cultured…

The second Bachelor is charming and mature, loves dragon slaying and water games.  Two guesses as to who he is. Uron M is a 12 year old KWPN bred stallion, […]

Desperado 5

Tall, Dark and Handsome…

We would like to introduce to you an “Evening with the Stars”, Bachelor Number One. This Bachelor is tall dark and handsome enough to tempt any filly, black gold would […]

Sheri with her ster KWPN mare, Rilinaire, and Czarina R (His Highness x Don Primaire)

River Stud: Breeding for success

DressageAfrica has a very strong belief that top Dressage horses don’t simply fall out of the sky, they are a product of focused breeding programmes, scientific research, and years of […]

sonn dec-2

Berghof’s Sonnentänzer licensed by SA Warmblood Society

  On the afternoon of the 14th of February, we took a lovely scenic drive out to Alma Mentz’s beautiful “Rock Solid Stables” situated in the Hennops River Valley, for […]