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Nissan Easter Festival Inter-Africa Cup Results 2013

Inter-Africa Cup Team Dressage Competition Judges: Test 1: C – Clare Bailes, B – Eino Vuorinen Test 2: C – Ernst Holtz, B – Erica de Groot 1. South Africa […]

Nissan Easter Festival Pony Rider Results 2013

Pony Rider’s Preliminary 3 Judge: C – Susan Human 1. Krystal-Lee Lange – Velooche – (C) 99.5 – 66.33% 1. Jessica Jane Hunter – Nelson’s Riddle – (C) 99.5 – […]

Andy and Marinier

Anthea Michaletos and Candice Hobday triumph on second day of Nissan Easter Festival

Anthea Michaletos and Candice Hobday were the victors in their classes on the second day of competition at the 2013 Nissan Easter Festival. Kate Launder and her team were hard […]

Nissan Easter Festival Junior Results 2013

Junior Preliminary 3 Judge: C – Justin O’Reilly 1. Elizabeth Janse Van Rensburg – Assegai Celebration – (C) 104.5 – 65.31% 2. India Wagg – Wings of Fire – (C) 104 – […]

Jorge Pereira

Jorge Martins Pereira: Our Classical Connection

When first meeting Jorge you are immediately struck by the quietness in his body and humility of attitude, which stems from a complete sense of calm confidence and relaxation.  The […]

Wagner 2

Experience wins the day at the start of Nissan Easter Festival 2013

Ravel, Verdini Wagner and Marinier were the winners in their respective classes at the start of the 2013 Nissan Easter Festival, which took place at KEPon Saturday 23 March 2013.The […]

Nissan Easter Festival 2013 Results

Adult Medium 2 Judges: C – Judy Vertue, B – Erica de Groot 1. Lynda Records – Royal Darco – (C) 226 – (B) 219.5 – 445.5 – 65.51% 2. […]

Club article

Change is in the air

For quite some time the DressageAfrica team has dwelled on how to tackle and report on the new structure that will be implemented from the 31st of July 2013. The […]

Nissan Easter Festival

DressageAfrica: The one month milestone

DressageAfrica has reached its one month birthday of being an actual online magazine and not simply a vague idea formulating in our minds. As in every young relationship, the monthly […]

Originality 3

Originality wins the day

Every Wednesday from February to the end of March, the Durban Shongweni Club host the Pharos Summer Series.  This is an afternoon where families are encouraged to participate in Show […]